5 Tips To Learn How To Write Meeting Minutes

9 Steps To Learn How To Write Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

You may or may not be asking yourselves: “What are, and how to do you take meeting minutes?”
Meeting minutes can be defined as written or recorded documentation that is used to inform people of what happened during the meeting and define the next step planned. To write effective meeting minutes you should include:

  • The names of the participants
  • Agenda items
  • Calendar or due dates
  • Actions or tasks
  • The main points
  • Decisions made by the participants
  • Record what is the most important points
  • Future decisions

Meeting minutes are an effective contributor to successful meetings but they need to be appropriately written and distributed in time. The main problem with reports is that they take a long time to be written down and after the meetings they must be sent quickly to let everyone know their next projects or actions.

As we said above reports are essential, with Beesy iPad app your reports become automatic and help you save time:

  • People Tab – Add participants by name, last name, email adress and initials
  • Smart note taking
  • Audio record
  • Instantly send the meeting minutes to participants

How To Write Meeting Minutes

Life Hacks, Tips and Tricks To Write Meeting Minutes

How To Write Meeting Minutes

05/06/15- “Team Meetings” via LinkedIn
“Have you ever found yourself lost in a project? Communication is broken, and you have more questions than answers for your team? Or have you even been on a team and you can tell that communication is breaking between the product owner and the rest of the team? That is almost worse – knowing that the boat is sinking but not knowing how to stop it…”

How To Write Meeting Minutes

05/06/15 – “Recording a Meeting” via Community Tool Box
“Have you ever left a meeting saying to yourself, “Wow, that was a great meeting! I heard some excellent ideas,” only to find, a week later, that you have forgotten what those ideas were? Unfortunately, so did everyone else. Opportunity is lost, and the issues you met to take care of are left unfinished…”

How To Write Meeting Minutes

08/06/15 – “Stay on Topic” via HarvardBusinessReview
“There’s nothing more annoying than a meeting that goes on and on and on. As a manager, it’s your job to make sure people don’t go off on tangents or give endless speeches. But how can you keep people focused without being a taskmaster or squashing creativity?…”

How To Write Meeting Minutes

08/06/15 – “Checklist” via HarvardBusinessReview
“In theory, everyone understands that preparation can make or break an important meeting. The more work you do before you walk into the room, the more productive and efficient you’ll be. But who has the time to properly prepare?…”

How To Write Meeting Minutes

08/06/15 – “Meeting Minutes” via WildApricot
“Whether you’ve been tasked with taking notes for a committee or you’ve been appointed Secretary to the Board of your organization, preparing meeting minutes doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Here are some tips and ideas that will help you get started with writing and preparing effective meeting minutes…”

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