Let’s Prevent Bad Meetings

Let’s talk about bad meetings. Meetings, might take up a lot of our time (and money) during the week, but are a “painful” necessity. From a 2 minutes morning meeting, to a long strategic one, meetings have a real purpose and an important place in every organization. If you wish to find all that time lost during your meetings follow these different steps: What you are doing wrong:

  • Taking your time to start/Arriving late
  • Being unprepared
  • Working on something else
  • Distractions (texting, emails,..)
  • Not Participating

What you should be doing:

  • Start early
  • Discuss and stay focused on the main points
  • Take notes
  • Conclude action points
  • End on time or early
  • Make sure everyone knows what they have to do next

Using a productivity and collaborative tool such as Beesy lets you:

  • Keep people on topic
  • Create actions at anytime
  • Assign actions to participants
  • Wrap up in a single click by sending automatic meeting minutes
bad meetings

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10/06/15- “How to save time” via Techacute- “David Grady, talks about how we get trapped in unnecessary meetings throughout our work day and his ideas on what to do in order to improve that. Check out the dangers of the “Mindless Accept Syndrome” (MAS) and find out how to overcome it…” keep reading
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Bad Meetings 12/06/15 – “Stop” via Forbes-“I hate bad meetings. It’s partly due to my fundamental impatience and partly to my experience of how productive and even fun a good meeting can be. Fortunately for me, I’m seldom at the effect of lousy meetings: I’m generally either facilitating (in which case I better be able to make it useful, or why are you paying me), or it’s a meeting in my own company (and if I can’t keep those from being bad, yikes.)…” keep reading
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