1) New design for notes and projects sharing:

  • A yellow sharing icon is displayed to tell you that you have been shared a note/project
  • A black icon is displayed if you shared a note/project with someone
New Features 17/05/2017
New Features Beesy
  • You can also click this new icon to access the list of persons in the sharing.
    If you are the note/project owner, you can then share the note/project to new people:
  • New sharing icons allow you to differentiate in a glance Beesy users from people who have been shared actions but who do not own an account:
    Beesy users have a green avatar, whereas others have a grey avatar:
New Features Beesy

2) Dashboard:

Possibility to display actions for (+/-) 7 days or (+/-) 30 days.

New Features Beesy

3) Tabs:

– You can now open or close all objectives and notes sections. Closed sections are saved.

– You can also hide shared notes and projects.

4) Icons :

A specific icon has been created for objectives.

New Features Beesy