Beesy HD helps you to be more efficient in your actions during a meeting

One of the most common use of Beesy by our users, is note taking during their business meeting. Indeed, thanks to its range of tools, Beesy allows you to be more confident during this key moment when you need to avoid lack of attention.
Knowing this fact, BeesApps Team, in order to develop the performance of its users, decides to optimize its tools with a new range of possibilities in the last version 1.3 HD.Therefore, Beesy HD offers the capacity to write on an image from any documents directly with your finger. You can download an image from your iPad or take a picture during your meeting and add immediately your thoughts on it.It’s up to you to decide which image worth to be taken in picture with your camera in HD and thus, interact on the image by noting your details.
Draw on an image

This tool will allow you to draw on whatever support: Web Page – previously saved on your iPad and linked to your meeting report – or a picture taken during the meeting. You have the possibility to annotate all these supports to be more accurate in your work.

You just need few handlings:


Draw on all supports in few seconds

  • Just after having clicked on the action “Web Page” and saved your page on Beesy HD, you can annotate it by clicking on the icon located on the left side of your saved task Review the web page. Then, the option “draw on the image” will pop up on your screen.
    This tool will allow you to select on the top of your screen, the color and the size/thick of your virtual pen which is your finger !When you are done, you have the possibility to Save your modifications or Refresh in order to remove all your annotations from the web page.The point here, is to attached your annotations on the given document with the final report which you will send to all the participants (or absents) by mail at the end of the meeting. The Export button located at the top right of your screen will generate it rapidly and easily.

Draw on an image

  • One of the Beesy HD’s goals, is also to bring the ability to its users to take a picture during a meeting. Take a picture of a table, chart, pattern useful for the post meeting comprehension of differents topics tackled during the discussion. You may now annotate a picture you just took thanks to the action button “Photo” located on the action bar on the bottom of your screen. Or you can upload an existing picture from your iPad library by clicking on the export button on the bottom left of your screen once the action Photois launched.As soon as the picture is added to your notes, you can, as on the WebPage, draw on it by choosing the option “Draw on the image” available by cliking on the icon on the left of the task “See this picture”
Draw on image
  • You have also the possibility to draw on a map you have previously generated from your iPad. This option will allow you to define more precisely a path, a road to a given place from another.
    By clinking on the action button “Map” you can save a map with all the details you need with the button on the top right of your screen “Save”.

    Once the map has been added to your list of notes as “Itinerary for:”, you can draw on it further details. You just need to click on the left icon on your note and select “Draw on the image” and Save it afterwards.

Draw on image
Draw on image All these pictures saved previously or taken and annotated during the meeting will be automatically attached to your email report generated by clicking on the Export button on the top right of your screen.
You can also on the same button send your report on Evernote. In this way, you can have a look very quickly at your report on the website of Evernote.

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