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Evernote Trunk references Beesy

Evernote has become essential in the professional world for all professionals wishing to host their data (meeting minutes, documents, audio record, photos) to find and view them from anywhere. The brand with the elephant head has a gallery (Evernote Trunk) where they highly recommend some applications for their professional and useful integration with their own system.

Reminerder : how beesy integrate Evernote

Beesy offre la possibilité d’exporter votre compte-rendu, vos reportings, les actions de vos équipes… sur Evernote. Once you have filtered that you want to export, you just need to select the “Export” button on the top right of your screen. You will have several possibilities:

  • The “Export to Evernote” option will allow you to upload your note to the Evernote servers. Once you modify your note, you will have the ability to upload your modifications in order to keep your profile and your shared notes updated.
  • The “Share on Evernote” option will allow you to upload your note on the Evernote servers and provide a link to other people to connect to your report, even if they don’t have Evernote themselves. Off course, you can stop sharing this note from your Evernote account.
Evernote Trunk référence Beesy application de productivité


Evernote Trunk référence Beesy application de productivité

Beesy featured on the Evernote Trunk home page

Our technical integration and the quality of our app as a productivity tool and ma tant qu’outil de productivité and daily business time management for professionals have finally conquered Evernote.

That’s why, Beesy is now alongside to Penultimate app on the Evernote Trunk homepage on the ”
New & Noteworthy” catergory !

Evernote allows you to generate from the application or from Evernote website a document more easily exportable in PDF format. It is easier to send an attachment in an email.
Beesy associates itself with Evernote to provide a tool for monitoring your meetings more quicly, and allow you to increase efficiency and productivity.

Discover all the explanations about the Evernote integration.

Evernote Trunk référence Beesy application de productivité