Beesy : New features – 1.47 update

You will find below a description of the new features we added in the 1.47 update.

Please take the time to READ KNOWN ISSUES IN 1.47

You can also find the 1.45 update features.

Beesy Configuration: some new settings

1. Show all action items in People / Projects views

A new feature to easily monitor all your actions, even those whose “Follow-up” setting is not checked. By default, within the “People” and “Projects” tabs, Beesy only shows actions which are to be followed-up, you can now choose to display all actions in these two tabs, including comments, ideas…
To use this feature, switch to YES in “Settings”> “App Settings”> “Show all items in People and Projects Tab”.

Beesy : New features – 1.47 update

2. Change the Matrix person

Some Beesy users have told us that they wanted to choose to display the actions in the matrix for a specific person, in order to get a real-time view of this person assignments during a face to face meeting.
This feature is now available within Beesy using a new button in your “Dashboard” in the top right corner. By default it will display Beesy’s default owner but if you click on it, a list of your contacts will appear: choose the one whose actions you want to see.

Beesy : New features – 1.47 update

3. Change the language per Note

Some of our users work in a international environment and want to choose Beesy’s language when creating a note. This feature is useful when you have speakers with different languages​​. You can manage Beesy in your default language but for some notes, you can now contextualize it to another one. Beesy supports 8 languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Spanish.
To change the language when creating a note, you have a button in the bottom toolbar, with the actual language. Just click on it to change it.
On an existing note, edit the note by tapping the note icon and change its language the same way.

Beesy : New features – 1.47 update


Taking notes and managing your actions with Beesy: new features

1. Added Notification & Support system

This feature is a willingness of our team to ease communications with you and make our customer support even better. The system is simple and non-intrusive: everything is notified in the “Settings” tab. When a notification is sent a red badge appears.
We currently support several type of notifications: when a Beesy update is out, if we want to inform you of a known bug on a particular version or in general, inform you of new features, a formal relationship with the tutorials and help we publish, receive tips and tricks to take advantage of Beesy …
But this system is also a tool to further improve our efficiency in managing your support requests as follows:

  • Technical : with automatic management of the technical context of your iPad to save time in diagnostic. Simply describe your problem, do not bother to give us the details of your iPad configuration, it’s automatically added to your email.
  • If you need help, ask for support with automatic location and languages settings ​​to optimize support.
  • If you issue an opinion / assessment, we will be very proud of positive ones and we will have a chance to provide some support and solve your issue if negative, something we cannot do today when some of you post poor ratings on the AppStore
Beesy : New features – 1.47 update
Beesy : New features – 1.47 update

2. Filter per priority

You can now filter actions per priority so that you can browse Projects or People views by the priority you defined for each action.
You can set the priority for an action easily, check our
. La priorité d’une action se change dans les paramètres d’une action, toutes les explications dans notre FAQ.
This new filter option is available using the standard filter button in the upper right toolbar.

Beesy : New features – 1.47 update

3. Show / hide actions in Toolbar

Awaited feature since a while ago, you now have the ability to show or hide an action on the action toolbar. This feature is very convenient for those of you who only use certain types of actions during their meetings notes. Thus, you can now only display the actions that you are using.
To hide an action from your action bar, simply edit this action’s parameters by clicking on its icon in the “Actions” tab and check the “Hide” setting.

Beesy : New features – 1.47 update