You will find below a description of the new features we added in the 1.45 update.
You can also find in our forums the known issues and work-arounds for the 1.45 release.

Configuration Beesy: new settings

1. Select calendars to display

Beesy allows you to select the iPad calendars you want to display in your dashboard tab.
This setting is available directly inside Beesy in the “Settings Tab” then “Calendars“.
A list of calendars that you sync with your iPad is displayed, you only have to check the ones you want.

You will then find your meetings, events, appointments for those calendars in the “ Dashboard tab“.

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update

2. Enable support for an external keyboard

Some Beesy users have told us that they often used an external keyboard to take notes with their iPad during meetings.
While this feature has been available since earlier versions of Beesy, we added an extra small feature that makes it more convenient: just go to the “Settings tab”, then “App Settings“.
In the list of settings, you will find in the “Notes category” then the “Use external keyboard” switch: if you use an external keyboard, activate it.
Once activated, you will see a new icon appear in your action toolbar when you enter text for a note.
This will enable you to stop editing a note and have access back to the main tab bar.

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update

3. Visualize / Search / Export all your actions

If you want to search among all your actions database, this is now available in the “Settings tab then “All your actions”: you can visualize, search or export all your actions captured during your various meetings.
You will find on the top right the action bar how allows you to:
– E-mail and export CSV of all actions,
– Toggle between completed and uncompleted actions,
– Activate search
– Further filter this list by people, projects, agenda and notes

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update


Taking notes and managing your actions with Beesy: new features

1. Filter actions by notes

Beesy now allows you to filter your actions by “notes”, so you get an overview of what was decided in a meeting from one of those tabs: “Actions”, “People” and “Projects” .
This filter is available as usual in the action bar in the upper-right corner of your app.

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update

2. Open a note from an action & Send an action by email

This feature was a long awaited one by our users.
Now, when accessing the action property from any action (task, web, etc …) you can directly return to the corresponding note. To do this, just keep pressed on the action icon:
Make notes longer manage ToDo - Working with an iPad Then just tap on this icon at the bottom right of the window setting, the same used for the Notes tab.
In this same window, you will find a new icon

Make notes longer manage his ToDo - Working with an iPad which allows you to send just this action by mail.
Moreover, Beesy automatically prints out the full action detail in your email so that your audience can quickly relocate the context.

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update

3. Add bullet-points in your notes

Enrich your notes with the our new bullet-points, this feature now allows you easily list times in an action and will be included in the e-mail report.
This icon appears when you open the ipad keyboard and edit text for an action. By clicking on it, a bullet-point will appear in your note, you just have to type in your information.

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update

4. Enhanced rendering for private actions

By default, some actions within Beesy are “Private”. That means they are not visible in your your meeting minutes and your evernote sync. In addition, you can always define a particular action to be private by editing its settings and enabling the “Private” switch.
Now when an action is “Private” its state changes, the icon is slightly transparent and the text color is dark-blue.

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update

5. Improved rendering for actions with a comment

You can now distinguish among “Comment” actions: a note for which you entered a comment will look the usual color whereas the icon will be grayed out for notes without comment. You can edit a comment in a note by clicking on its icon.

Beesy : New features – 1.45 update
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