New Features: Sub-Tasks

Subtasks are now available!

They put on comments to invite you manage and monitor your actions in a very precise, intuitive and dynamic way.

This new feature ‘Subtasks’ allows you to define your and/or your team’s actions more finely. Doing thus, you will achieve outcomes as well as keeping clarity into the general task. This new feature is only available through subscription to the PRO option.

1 – Break up a complex action into Subtasks:

You can use Subtasks as a check-list, so you will no longer forget anything. This will help you track work in progress as well as organise your time.

For example, preparing a file requires you to gather different documents: create a subtask for each of them and tick it as and when you gather the documents.

2 – Assign subtasks to different persons:

Assigning the different subtasks of an action to different people can be done using te ‘Duplicate action’ feature.

Each of your assigned colleagues can only take action on the subtask he is in charge of, yet he will access any information on the action.

3 – Watch action progress:

Take a look at the progress bar of any action; it shows progress as a subtask is ticked.

4 – Commenting directly on an action saves you time:

The new ‘Comments’ functionality gives you a way to simply interactions. Thereby, you save time by reducing the amount of e-mails exchanges and time lost searching information in your e-mails. Just a glance and you know the latest information.

Comments display in the form of a discussion thread just below subtasks.

Subtasks and comments make your daily life easier and galvanise interactions within your project team!

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