The Drag and Drop feature allows to Beesy users to reorganize and structure their notes. Indeed, during meetings, it is not always easy to take notes and organize them at the same time. With Beesy HD, it’s not a problem anymore because you can organize your notes by using Drag and Drop with 2 fingers.


How does the Drag and Drop work with Beesy HD?


The handling is really simple. Simply use two fingers inside the application. You can see the handling with the right-handside picture : How does the Drag and Drop work


When can we use the Drag&Drop feature with Beesy HD?


Beesy’s Drag and Drop has been designed to make organizing your notes much easier.
First, you can reorganize your actions if the initial order does not please you.
Simply drag & drop actions within a note to the desired spot. The note will reorganize itself. This works as well if you change an action from one topic to another.

Also, you can drag and drop an action item on a note topic. This will automatically assign this task to this topic.
You can drag and drop the topic on the task as well.

Besides, you can easily assign a task to a participant, by dragging a participant on the action itself or doing the other way around: drag an action on one of the participant. This helps you assign action much faster as it is likely that participants will get more action to them than all your contact list.

With Beesy’ new version 1.3, you can now “drag and drop” to reorganize your agenda as well, moving topics inside the agenda.

Finally, you can drag and drop one action from note to another note. Beesy HD will reaffect this action to the new note.
You can do the same in the project and the people view.

drag and drop participant

Thus, in less than a minute, you can reorganize your actions, agenda and assignment at the end of your meeting and send your structured meeting minutes with a professional layout to participants even before everyone is gone.
With Beesy HD, your professional iPad application, the Drag and Drop feature has never been so useful.