Share all your meeting notes with Beesy HD and our Evernote export

One of the main features of Beesy HD is automating exports of your meeting reports in different formats (report by mail, CSV export). To complement those options, we added Evernote to our latest feature set in Beesy, version 1.3.

Export in One Click

Considered a must-have for your meetings, we felt that Beesy HD should allow you to export your meeting reports either by mail or on Evernote.
To achieve this, you just need to select the “Export” button on the top right of your screen. You will have several possibilities:

  • The “Export to Evernote” option will allow you to upload your note to the Evernote servers. Once you modify your note, you will have the ability to upload your modifications in order to keep your profile and your shared notes updated.
  • Given The Evernote history feature, you can track all your updates and have a view on the achievement progress of your export directly in Evernote.
  • All attachments will be embedded within the note, exactly where placed, further enhancing your meeting reports with drawings, map and photos, as well as audio files.
  • From your Evernote account, you can export your note to PDF if you want to keep a file as back-up or send PDFs as closed meeting reports.
  • The “Share on Evernote” option will allow you to upload your note on the Evernote servers and provide a link to other people to connect to your report, even if they don’t have Evernote themselves. Off course, you can stop sharing this note from your Evernote account.
  • Join Evernote now, the tool used by more than 34 millions users in the world to quickly share and efficiently manage your documents. It is completely FREE.

beesy share your ipad notes to Evernote


beesy share your ipad notes

Consult your notes from any terminal

Once Beesy and Evernote are synchronized, you have a large number of ways to consult your reports.
Indeed, one of the main features of Evernote is to provide you access to your notes from different devices. You can now consult your notes from wherever you want, from whichever device you need to :

  • PC
  • SmartPhone
  • Tablet

Beesy HD is now Evernote Ready and offers you the easiest follow-up experience for your meeting notes.

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