Beesy’s new version improves its fast note-taking ability in meetings by using audio recording directly within notes.Beesy’s audio recording in meeting stands out among traditional recording process with new and enhanced features.

1. Beesy’s Time Shift feature

Beesy HD helps you to go back in time with Timeshifting tool. Indeed, in meeting, as soon as you tap on the “record” button, Beesy’s Time Shift feature will already have pre-recorded the last 2 minutes. Users cannot miss essential moments during a business appointment while focusing on the participants. You also can start several audio recording. As soon as you record an important meeting moment and then a second one by tapping again on “record”, the first audio fil register automatically and the second audio recording keeps going.

2. Annotating on the audio file

When you consider a meeting moment as important and you want to comment it through a note, tap on the “audio” icon and the audio recording window appear. Beesy HD will already have pre-recorded the last 2 minutes and users can annote on this audio file. Then, with Beesy’s drag&drop feature, you can easily slip with your two fingers the audio recording into a meeting note to another one. Audio recording in meeting with Beesy HD

3. Listening to an audio record

If you want to achieve the audio recording tap on “stop” and then “record” in order to register the audio file. You can easily listen again and again your audio recording by tapping on the icon, on the left of the audio file.

 Listeningaudio recording in meeting with Beesy HD

4. Sending an audio record

Only recording the essential moments for the user and thus reducing the record size, Beesy enables users to really use audio files from notes. Indeed, the AAC size (M4a) of Beesy’s audio recording is a compression size and allows to reduce the audio file volume. The advantage is most of audio players can open these audio files. Thus, you can easily send them by email and/or export them to Evernote by adding audio file in attachment to meeting minutes. Meeting participants will be able to listen audio recording. Audio recording - how to send
Audio recording in meeting with Beesy HD - meeting minutes

With Beesy, your professional iPad application, audio recording in meeting has never been more efficient.
Stay tuned with Beesy.