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Looking for a great way to improve your team’s productivity and see their actions completed? Projects are automatically updated which will allows you to know in real time what co-workers have done and what they have left to be done.
To manage a team implies following their workflow and seeing if their actions have been completed on time. We have found an easy, gain saving time solution. Are you looking for a great way to receive automatic updates with your workflow builder?
With our collaborative online platform you can automatically share projects and actions to all co-workers or to whoever are concerned such as, clients, external advisers and so on…
With you can be notified of any updates automatically from Team users, both the iPad app Beesy and the online platform.

How to receive automatic updates with your workflow builder?

As we said above you can share with no extra effort meetings notes, actions, comments and documents, the assignee can share them with unlimited Beesy contacts.

Once you’ve done that your actions cells will automatically be divided into 3 distinct background colors:

  • White background: you created this action by default assign to you or assign to a contact.
  • Grey background: a participant created this action so you are not in charged
  • Green background: a participant created this action and assigned it to you

With Beesy you will be able to receive automated updates on actions. Which means by using our collaborative solution, members of your teams will be able to update their actions automatically and send to you their updates in real time. A participant that as not created an action cannot change the end date or the assignee.

Automatic Updates
Automatic Updates

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