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As an Online Meeting software, Beesy allows you to share a Note with some of your Beesy contacts for taking collaborative meeting notes.
In general, the way organizations approach meeting notes leads to inefficiency. Here’s why:

  • Attendees take notes and don’t share them with their colleagues.
  • Notes are often written on paper and never make it to digital to be searched and shared.
  • In some cases, paper notes make it to digital format, but that requires wasted and unnecessary efforts to copy again the note.
  • Sometimes notetakers email the notes, thus requiring each recipient to save the notes on their own system. Essentially repeating a task that could be done once for everyone.
  • Notes are often not produced and shared in a format that can be searched among any employee, especially when employees leave the organization.
  • Meeting notes are redundant. If ten people are in the room taking notes, they’re all doing the same activity.

Taking notes and sharing them is a key issue for organization efficiency. Meeting notes can be more valuable for your organization if you extend the effort to make them collaborative and available for the entire organization.

How to Share a Collaborative Meeting Note

The Sharing Note feature is only available on your account and you need to have the Team service plan to share it.
Once you have created your note, you just have to click on the blue button on the top right (see attachment).

The shared note popup open. On the right side you can browse all your contacts with a account.
Choose all the users with whom you wish to share your note, select them, click on “Add person”. When you’re done click the “Share” button.
As soon as your note is shared, the blue button turns green.

online meeting software
online meeting software

How to Share a Collaborative Meeting Note

The note owner can share it with unlimited Beesy contacts, as you can see on the screens shoot below.
You have different actions cells background:

  • White background: you created this action, and it’s assigned to yourself
  • Grey background: a participant created this action
  • Green background: a participant created this action and assigned it to you

If a Beesy user has shared a note with a Beesy user without the Team option, for Free, you will be able to:

  • browse its content
  • add personal modifications to it
  • manage your actions from this note

However, no information will be sent back to other members of this shared note.
Shared Note features between Beesy &Co users:

  • share the whole content of the note (unless private actions)
  • have collaborative note taking sessions
  • receive automated updates on any action from the note from other Beesy&Co users

Meeting Note Owner view

online meeting software

Meeting Note Participant view

online meeting software

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