Share targets. Coordinate action plans. Follow-up in real time.


Share targets. Coordinate action plans. Follow-up in real time.


Learn how teams get things done

Give you the opportunity to become efficient in less than a meeting.

“The best project management tool. Period. I have tried lots of ToDo and Project Management Apps in the past but Beesy tops them all. Once you get used to the interface, there is nothing that can’t be tracked. I have introduced it to several coworkers and they have all dropped their current Project Management / ToDo apps and moved over to Beesy. Well worth the money !”

Patrick T.

Project Director

“Best app for managing projects and meetings! If you have to run a project and host meetings to get things done, this is the best app I have ever used. As a manager, it is a must have. It produces beautiful meeting minutes and project reports and makes it a breeze to track and assign actions to people.”

Mark H.

Operations manager

“Beesy is by far the best app I have on my iPad. I thought I was organized prior to finding this app. I was using a paper planner and thought there could be no way I would ever change. The task organizer and meeting notes are life changing! I know – dramatic. Just try it, you’ll see”

Shannon McQ.

Sales manager

Automatically Delegate Actions to Team Members

With, you will be able to easily assign actions to any of your team members,
while your taking notes or when building their ToDo list with them.

Assign Actions

Assign actions to team members and share the related context (note, topic and project).

Delegate Actions & Notifications System

Automatically notify by email or Web notifications your contacts of their actions, Notes or Projects shared.

Teamwork Productivity

Easily Manage Collaborative Projects

All your information as well as the one from your team is now consolidated online
so that you can easily browse notes, people and projects.

Teamwork Productivity

Collaborative Notes

Share notes with participants during meetings and add action items to the agenda.

Project Management

Share projects with business teams or collaborators.

Quickly Get Real Time Updates on Actions

Using our collaborative offer, members of your teams or the project will be able to update their actions
and automatically send you the update in real time.

Receive automated updates

Be notified of any updates automatically from Team users.

Automated Reminder

Automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly reminder notifications.

Teamwork Productivity

Questions about teamwork with Beesy?


Most managers have about 62 meetings a month.
That’s 1000 hours spent in a meeting room every year, and everyone of them takes up some of your time to write down the minutes and track the action plan.

  • % of users recommanding Beesy 90% 90%
  • % of users saving 15 minutes / day 70% 70%
  • % of users saving 30 minutes / day 40% 40%
  • % of productivity gain / day 12% 12%

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