Make your ipad a
productive & efficient
tool at work

Beesy is a smart notebook replacement for note taking,
action follow up, and both team and project management.

Improve your Productivity at Work Beesy is the only solution to provide a comprehensive tool that integrates the daily process of a manager: calendar events, note taking, meeting minutes, and automated follow-up for actions, projects and teams.
Easily Take and Consolidate
All your Notes

Replace your paper notebook with actions based notes.
Gather all your notes in one tool.
Reuse 100% of your informations.

Quickly Send Professional
Meeting Minutes

Reorganize with drag&drop.
Focus on content Beesy handles the layout.
Manage Meeting follow-up.

Automatically Organize your
Todo list from your Notes

Generate Todo from your notes.
Track actions per projects and people.
Sort actions dynamically.

Directly Assign Actions
to People

Assign actions to contact.
Share infomation.
Track team activity.

Need a Powerful Tool to Boost your Business Productivity? use Beesy

40000 professionals use it everyday. 40% of them save more than 30 minutes a day.

BeesApps - The best To-Do Application to boost your business productivity BeesApps - The best To-Do Application to boost your business productivity
Easily Take and Consolidate All your Notes

Beesy is not a regular note taking system, it’s your iPad Note companion.
It reuses 100% of the information you actually type by leveraging on a
template-based system that structures your notes.
By using templates, Beesy speeds up the iPad note taking system:

Fast iPad note taking by simply pressing a button
Faster typing with autocomplete based on people, projects or you own lexical.
Fast new actions to better structure your iPad note
Focus typing on the important message, using predefined context for your iPad note.
Easy meeting agenda.

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Quickly Send Professional Meeting Minutes

iPad Notes using Beesy, once you finished typing your note, you can
instantly send the meeting minutes to participants.

With a simple and professional layout, focusing on actions and meaningful information,
keep in sync with your professional network on the outcome of the meeting.
Easily remove an item from the minutes by setting it to private:
it’s still in your notes but not in the minutes.

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Automatically Organize your Todo list from your Notes

If you’ve used regular To-Do, you know how much time you can spend
configuring tasks in detail: owner, due-date, priority, importance …

Well, most of us actually cannot do this on a regular basis and most of the time
this end up in dropping the tool.

With Beesy, tasks are preconfigured while you type your notes.
You can change details in a single tap so that you don’t have to leave your notes.
And Tasks are regularly updated as you process your notes or project.
Stop spending time on updating a tool, start using it to act on your targets.

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Directly Assign Actions to People and Projects

With Beesy, iPad project management have never been easier.
Unlike many To-Do organizers, Beesy is not about counting your
actions and reminding you the overdues but rather provide you with real-time
analytics from different angles.

Browse your actions by: Type / People / Goals and projects.
Further refine your sort inside the priority angle you picked to suit your requirements.
Easily follow-up and update your actions there and Beesy will seamlessly
update everything, including your notes.

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Safe & Secure Sync accross Devices

Your business data is critical and will
make sure that it is safely stored on our
cloud-based server.

Your information is saved at all times with no need to
handle manual backup and it is only available to you.
Once in our cloud, you can access your critical
information for any device, be it an iPad,
a Mac or a PC.

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