Make your tablet and laptop
productive & efficient
at work

Beesy is a smart notebook replacement for note taking, action follow up,
and both team and project management.

Improve your Productivity at Work Beesy is the only solution to provide a comprehensive tool that integrates the daily process of a manager:
calendar events, note taking, meeting minutes, and automated follow-up for actions, projects and teams.
Easily Take and Consolidate
All your Notes

Replace your paper notebook with actions based notes.
Gather all your notes in one tool.
Reuse 100% of your informations.

Quickly Send Professional
Meeting Minutes

Reorganize with drag&drop.
Focus on content Beesy handles the layout.
Manage Meeting follow-up.

Automatically Organize your
Todo list from your Notes

Generate Todo from your notes.
Track actions per projects and people.
Sort actions dynamically.

Directly Assign Actions
to People

Assign actions to contact.
Share infomation.
Track team activity.

Need a Powerful Tool to Boost your Business Productivity? try Beesy for free

40000 professionals use it everyday. 40% of them save more than 30 minutes a day.

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Safe & Secure Sync accross Devices

Your business data is critical and will make sure
that it is safely stored on our cloud-based server.


Share informations across Mac,
Windows computers, and iPad.


Backup and secure of all
your critical data.


Save rich media attachments within
your notes.

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Easily Take and Consolidate All your Notes

Beesy is not a regular note taking system, it’s your iPad Note companion.
It reuses 100% of the information you actually type by leveraging on a template-based system that structures your notes.

Smart note taking

Quickly organize meetings with agenda and participants.

Actions Template

Include smart notes: tasks, audio record, photos, sketches, web page...

Reorganize your Notes

Use Drag&Drop to reorganize your note by topics and assign actions
to participants.

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Quickly Send Professional Meeting Minutes

iPad Notes using Beesy, once you finished typing your note, you can
instantly send the meeting minutes to participants.

Email professional meeting minutes

Send instant meeting minutes to all participants.

Export to CSV or PDF

Analyse Tasks and targets in excel for futher reporting.

Push to Evernote or Dropbox

Access your data from all your devices.

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Automatically Organize your Todo list from your Notes

If you’ve used regular To-Do, you know how much time you can spend
configuring tasks in detail: owner, due-date, priority, importance

Day planner

Beesy comes with an efficient dashboard meant to handle your daily tasks.

Browse and Filter

Decide what kind of task you want to see right now.
Beesy provides a set of different tools to browse your To-Do.


Easily search your Actions, contacts or Projects.

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Directly Assign Actions to People and Projects

Unlike many To-Do organizers, Beesy is not about counting your actions and
reminding you the overdues but rather provide you with real-time analytics from different angles.

Manage your Team

Import your Contacts / Assign actions to them.

Follow-up on contact activity

Easily sort actions by contacts and update in real-time their to-dos.

Manage your Projects

Group actions / topics and Notes into Projects.
Prepare your project reviews in a single click.

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