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Assign Actions

Assign actions to team members and share the related context (note, topic and project)

Delegate Actions & Notifications System

Automatically notify by email or Web notifications your contacts of their actions, Notes or Projects shared.

Collaborative Notes Taking

Share notes with participants during meetings and add action items to the agenda.
Status updates are automated, all participants are always in sync on the outcome of a meeting.

Collaborative Project Management

Share projects with business teams or collaborators.
Enables new members of a team to access all the relevant and historical data for a given project.

Receive automated updates

Be notified of any updates automatically from Team users

Automated Reminder

Automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly reminder notifications

Upgrade your Collaborative Project Management Account Team collaborative service allows users to automatically assign actions to team members directly during note taking. This way, all team members receive actions and tasks directly within their Beesy application. If they update the status of those actions, it is directly forwarded to the manager of these actions.
All the information from the team or a department is now consolidated online. Users can easily browse notes, people and projects.

Online Backup Software & Sync accross Devices with

Create User Groups and Manage your Team

With, manage your Team’s Beesy options directly from your Account. As a matter of fact, User management is mandatory when all Project Team is working with the same Project Management Software. let’s you easily manage a Team within its Settings Menu.

Collaborative Project management for Business Team

Improve your productivity using Team, our collaborative project management service Team is our online Collaborative Project management service that will let you simplify your workflow for following-up on actions and people. Team will allow you to:

  • Automate your Tasks delegation workflow
  • Automatically share the related Notes, Topics and Projects
  • Receive Notifications and Email Reminders

Working collaboratively in a team, any update from other Team users will automatically update you of any updates on your action as well.
This will enable you to always stay up-to-date with your priorities.

Automate your Tasks delegation workflow Team: easy Collaborative Project management With Team, you will be able to automatize your personal workflow so that assigning actions to people
is as simple as it can:

  • add an action into
  • assign it to someone
  • he’ll automatically receive this action.

This automation process relies on your contacts email address that you set within the App.
Shared action will be highlighted as such within and Beesy for iPad (add screenshot)

Automatically share the related Notes, Topics and Projects

Sharing Notes and Topics

When you assign an action to someone within one of your note, will automatically share some contextual information to them so that they can understand where it’s coming from. will push to them:

  • the Note
  • the Agenda
  • the Participants

In the current release, even though this has been shared, they live as complete separate entities so that the person you assign actions to can modify these resources with no impact on your account.

Sharing Projects and Goals

In the same manner as for notes, when you share an action to a Beesy user, it will also share the contextual information about Project and Goals if it has been assigned.
As for notes, this person can then modify this contextual information with no impact on your account.
Beesy automatically shares the contextual information of your actions

Receive Notifications and Email Reminders Team: easy Collaborative Project management Team

Send Notifications to other Beesy users

Whenever you assign an action to someone, Beesy will check if the owner of this action has an email address set in your account.
If this is the case, it will then check if this email address is a valid account.
Whenever it finds a corresponding account, will automatically do for you:

  • Share this action to the action owner’s account
  • Send him a notification inside, via the in-app messaging system
  • Send him an email to his mailbox

Any Beesy user is able to define its own policy to receive or not your updates by email as well as on the in-app messaging system.
Should you modify the action in small interval of times, will not notify the owner every time you do so to prevent unnecessary notifications. Team: easy Collaborative Project management

Warn non-Beesy users that tasks are waiting for them

Whenever does not detect any valid account associated to an email, it will still notify this contact of potential pending actions assigned to him by you, using an introductory email.
In order to prevent unwanted notifications to non-Beesy users, you can decide for your account if you would like notifications to be sent on your behalf from the platform.
Non-Beesy users are also given the opportunity to disable those notifications directly within the notification email, without creating any account on our platform. Team

Be updated when one action you assigned has been modified

Whenever a Team user you assigned an action to updates this action, it will automatically be updated within your account so that you don’t have to chase people around to get updates right before a project review.

Using Team in a team thus helps you achieve a huge efficiency boost by automatizing the task update process and letting you concentrate on actions that aren’t already done.

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