About BeesApps

Why Choose Us

Broader Focus

BeesApps is not about online storage for your notes, syncing device for your To-Do list or remotely accessing your calendar. Although those are interesting features !
BeesApps is about helping you manage your time, define your priorities, help you find the tasks you should say NO to, help you understand with whom you should spend time and to explain your priorities.
BeesApps is about helping you achieve your goals !

Integrating Different Issues

Managing time is not just about typing and saving notes, or spending time to update hundreds of tasks, or keeping tack of your agenda.
It’s all of this at the same time, since everything is connected. BeesApps aims at bringing you a unified vision of your time in a single App !


BeesApps is a product development company, not an App factory. It should mean a lot for you: we care about the problems we’re trying to solve.
We want your feedback, we want the app to evolve and, actually, we planned it this way. We want you to have the best product available to manage your time.

Our profile

Beesapps team Founded by David Chevenement in November 2011, BeesApps is the result of a simple question: why isn’t it simpler to manage your time ?

Prior to founding BeesApps, David held various management positions and was International Sales and Marketing VP at Locatel. During those years, David has always dreamt of a management tool that would actually help him gain time.

BeesApps is also a team:

  • Christopher Mesquita is an expert in web communication and services, as well as brand promotion. He is currently in charge of developing BeesApps awareness from Customers, Bloggers, AppStores.
  • Jean Charles Ragons is an expert in development, especially in iPhone & iPad, as well as a technoholic. He is currently in charge of helping David with development. He’ll be focused on everything that should replace your pen in the application.
Christopher Mesquita